Tena, Ecuador


Ecuador map

Once an important colonial trading post in the Amazon, Santa Clarita’s Sister City of Tena is now the commercial center and capital of the Napo Province with a population of 33,000. The city lies 5 hours southeast of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and is surrounded by rainforest. The city is divided into two halves by the rivers Tena and Pano and connected by two bridges, one for pedestrians and one for automobiles. There are several sand and pebble beaches, as well as a number of plazas and parks for recreation.

Tena is famous for its rainforest and the rivers surrounding the city. The jungle is very impressive and there is no shortage of guides for those who long for adventure and a peek at the exotic flora and fauna contained within. Moreover, Tena has reached near legendary status with whitewater enthusiasts and boasts the best rafting and kayaking in Ecuador, and some say, the world. In April of 2000 Ecuador adopted the US dollar as the currency used for all purposes, now all transactions are in US dollars. Ecuador joined the World Trade Organization in 1996 and is working towards becoming an independent, self-sufficient nation. The City of Santa Clarita is proud to be affiliated with a nation who is pulling together so steadily and we are happy to offer assistance and guidance when possible.

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